Woodstock, Georgia is known as a very safe community. The overall crime rate in Woodstock is 37% lower than the national average and is safer than 64% of all cities in the US. However, it is always a good idea to take all available precautions. And living in a gated community provides significant safety advantages.

While living in a gated community does not guarantee your home will never be broken into, statistics show the rate of burglaries in gated communities is lower than open communities. Gated access to a community provides limited access to anyone that does not live in the community; therefore, it only makes sense that there will be less property crimes.

A nationally-recognized 20-year security expert states that a gate not only provides a strong physical barrier, but also acts as a psychological deterrent for possible criminals. The psychological effect of the phrase “gated community” on the general public is understood to hold multiple advantages. In addition to safety, other advantages of a gated community include:

Reduced traffic. There tends to be less traffic in a gated community. This not only contributes to less crime, but also offers decreased noise levels, and safer areas for children to play.

Decreased number of solicitors. A secured entry prevents easy access to a community and discourages uninvited guests from attempting to visit. This significantly decreases the number of unwelcome visitors that come knocking at your door. Since many burglars often “visit” the home of their future victims, a barrier to entrance deters their surveillance.

Stricter community rules and codes. Gated communities often have stricter codes of conduct that residents must follow. This can create the sense of community that’s so important in the prevention of crime. It increases the feeling of care among neighbors that, in turn, provide a watchful eye.

Other actions a homeowner can take to deter property crime include:

  • Make sure to lock doors and windows – Many burglars simply walk right in to a home through unlocked doors and windows. They will kick in a door, but prefer to not break windows since glass can be loud and dangerous.
  • Get a big, loud dog – When asked, almost all burglars agreed they will avoid a home that has a big loud dog in it.
  • Install a home security system, with a visible security camera – Generally, burglars agreed that a visible security camera is a deterrent. And, if an alarm goes off, they will immediately leave.
  • Leave the TV or a radio on while away; or a car in the driveway when possible – burglars do not want to be seen, so if they think someone might be home, they will move on.

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