The plan for Warren Mongillo and Steve Tingas of Vantage Partners, when developing Tuscany Village in Woodstock, was to create an upscale townhouse community with extremely unique, modern, and interesting features. One of those remarkable features is the rooftop café.

Rooftop Café With Kitchenette
The café started out as a terrace located on the roof of the townhouse. The terrace was accessible from the third floor through a modern frameless door and window feature. The frameless door gave the space a very open feel, removing the visual barrier between the indoors and out.

But the idea continued to evolve. The developers and the architect, Andrew Woodward, decided to add a kitchenette just inside the terrace. The kitchenette added a high level of convenience, especially while entertaining guests. No longer did the homeowners have to run down two flights of stairs to the kitchen to cook or get drinks. It was all right there.

Overhead, Garage-Style Glass Door Opens To Outdoor Space
Once the kitchenette was added, the designers wanted the wall between the interior kitchen space and the great outdoors to open as much as possible. A large, overhead, garage-style glass door was used, allowing the space to be completely open from one wall all the way to the other. According to the architect, “The overhead door idea made it possible to open the kitchen completely to the outdoors, making it like a sidewalk café. The wide span makes you feel like you are outside even when you are under roof in the kitchenette.”

But the idea was still not complete. Once again, the third-floor area was expanded to include an entertainment space. Tied to the terrace, the new space, called the ‘man cave’ by the architect, has a fireplace and is set-up for a big screen TV. But there’s nothing cave-like about it. The original frameless door/window feature is still part of the design and can be seen separating the entertainment space from the kitchenette. Lots of glass allow sunlight to pour in, a big plus for a third-floor space. The top floor of this townhome has become a huge, inviting area to play, indoors and out, on the roof above all the fray. Space that is often not used has now become another focal point of the home.

Come visit and experience the unique, never-before-seen features of the Tuscany Village townhome development. Tuscany Village is located at 772 Neese Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188. To visit the development, call us at (678) 697-4984.