The curved staircase has been around for centuries; think of an English castle of the Middle Ages or an Italian bell tower. In the Old Testament, a spiral staircase was a feature in the Temple of Solomon. The oldest spiral staircase still standing today is Trajan’s Column in Rome, which was built in 113 AD.

Although more than 3000 years old, the concept of the curved staircase has actually never gone out of style. It’s a highly desired element in modern buildings that is rich in history – yet still on trend. Since spiral staircases have always been associated with castles and kings, it’s no surprise that the wealthy have often desired this feature in their homes.

Throughout history, the curved staircase has inspired architects and builders and given them the opportunity to incorporate beauty and class into home designs. When added to a home plan, the curved staircase makes an undeniable statement and becomes a stunning focal point.

The designers of Tuscany Village have incorporated a beautiful curved staircase into their townhome designs. The staircase is prominently positioned near the front door for full effect. The flowing arc of the stairs encircle the kitchen area and, in certain floorplans, creates a circular loft-like opening two to three stories high – a feature rarely seen before in home design.

Due to more complex engineering, custom materials, and more complicated installation, the curved staircase is the most expensive staircase to incorporate into a structure. That’s why you will not see this feature in many homes that are in the price range of Tuscany Village. However, the builders of Tuscany Village have spared no expense in offering dramatic elements to their new townhome development.

Centuries ago, the purpose of the circular staircase was to protect the castle. They were usually narrow, allowing only one attacker to climb at a time, and they had to be ascended in a clockwise direction inhibiting the enemy’s right hand which generally held their sword.

Today, the circular staircase remains a popular addition to high-end homes because of its elegance and function. Visit Tuscany Village and see the stunning staircase coupled with the two to three-story loft created by the stairs. You will love the unique beauty of these homes. Tuscany Village townhomes are located at 772 Neese Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188. Call us at (678) 278-9798 or Email us. We look forward to seeing you.