At Tuscany Village, we have boasted about our beautiful curved staircases many times. Custom designed and built, these circular staircases bring sophistication to the townhomes. But the theme of curved features in the development, does not stop there. The designers of Tuscany Village added many curved architectural details due to the softness and class these features bring.

One of the features that is most often pointed out by potential homebuyers at the townhomes of Tuscany Village are the rounded wall corners, otherwise known as bullnose corners. Rounded corners give an elegant, well-finished, timeless look to a house. They are also a bit more damage resistant. This small feature makes a huge impact and displays the level of care taken by the designers in making every aspect of each home unique and top-of-the-line.

When entering a home at Tuscany Village, a visitor is greeted with an entry hallway that is crowned with a barrel ceiling. This impactful ceiling design creates a cozy tunnel-like atmosphere. The intrigue of a barrel ceiling tends to make it the focus of any space.

Throughout the home, dramatic curved walls are incorporated. Usually, where there is a curved staircase, a curved wall will follow – another beautiful element of design that adds to the elegance of the home’s interior.
Within the curved walls are specially designed and built curved doors. Usual practice dictates that even though a wall is curved, the doors generally are not. Flat doors are much less expensive and are generally not given much thought. However, adding curved doors completes the curvature of the wall and makes a grand statement.

The elements that are incorporated into the Tuscany Village townhomes reinforce the idea that the builders did not skimp on the details; but rather, they considered every element of the design with the goal of achieving outstanding homes.

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