When it comes to buying an older home versus a brand new one, which is better? The big benefit of buying an older home is that you might save a little money up front. According to real-estate data, new homes may cost as much as 20% more. So, is a new home worth it?

It’s true, initially you will probably save some money purchasing an older home. But more than likely, the money you save won’t stay in your wallet long. Between renovations, lower energy efficiency, and overall homeowner maintenance costs, you will end up paying more over the first few years of ownership. Older homes have a greater potential for small problems. There’s always something to do in an older home, even if it has been updated.

Built with the Latest in Materials

Newly built homes and, especially, Tuscany Village Townhomes are built with better materials and more energy efficient systems. There should be no repairs or renovations needed for years to come. With a new home, you can rest assured that there will be no lead paint, mold or asbestos lurking around. Your new home will be shiny, untouched, and clean.

It is said that older homes are sturdier, better built than new ones. That might be the case with some newer homes. However, the builders of Tuscany Village spared no expense in making the townhomes extremely well built and beautiful. They paid close attention to the details throughout their homes.

Modern Features, Floorplans and Design Elements

New construction also means the latest in floorplans and design. Laid out to reflect today’s lifestyle, new homes feature open spaces that merge with the outdoors, a greater focus on the kitchen/living areas, and large bathrooms and closets. Ceilings are generally higher (most older homes have 8’ ceiling heights) and gas fireplaces grace the living room. New homes include the latest in modern features, such as pre-wiring for internet/cable and systems that can be controlled from a smart phone.

Another advantage with a newly built home are the upgrade options. You often will have various floorplans, square footage, and upgrades from which to choose. At Tuscany Village, we have five floorplans and a wide range of unique options and add-ons.

Guaranteed for Success

Tuscany Village Townhomes come with a guarantee from the builder. With this guarantee, you can relax knowing that you have some support if a problem arises – someone to call. Also, it is generally easier to secure a mortgage for a new home. Often the homebuilder has relationships with lending companies that are doing all they can to get you into one of their homes. Our preferred lenders are ready to assist in getting you the loan you need.

Many new home communities, like Tuscany Village, have a Community Association, which is beneficial to the homeowners. Upkeep of the surrounding property is the responsibility of the Association. The Association makes sure the grounds are beautiful, the dog park is maintained, the signage is kept up to date, and much more. The Association is set up to assist homeowners with a wide variety of issues.

For these reasons, new home purchases have increased significantly during 2020 and continue to thrive today. With record low interest rates, 2021 is a great time to buy a new home. Come take a look at the homes of Tuscany Village and see for yourself the sparkle of a brand new, never-before-lived-in home. We have homes that are ready to move into now, and some that will be ready in the very near future. Tuscany Village is located at 772 Neese Rd, Woodstock, GA 30188. Call us at (678) 278-9798 or Email us. We look forward to seeing you.