We all wonder what is actually behind our walls besides framing and insulation. I, for one, feel like I might not want to know. In my nightmares, I see infestations of god knows what. Fear of insects is one of the most common fears. What is unfortunate is that bugs do sometimes live in the spaces behind your walls. And they come out at night to find food and water. This is not only unhealthy, but insects can also damage your home.

Killing bugs behind walls is difficult because sprays cannot reach the space. That’s why the designers of Tuscany Village townhouses built in a pest control system that runs inside the walls. This can only be done when a house is under construction and drywall has not yet been installed. The builders had the foresight to add a system that solves a problem before it can ever become one.

The built-in pest control system incorporated into the Tuscany Village units was created by Pestban. It is made up of small tubes that run through the walls of the home, just above the baseboards. Each tube is designed with small holes that allow the pesticide to be distributed behind the walls where pests can hide. A receptacle, located on the outside of the home, makes access of the system easy for service and pesticide distribution. And this treatment is obviously safe for pets since they cannot get to the chemicals.

As mentioned many times in other posts, the developers of Tuscany Village townhomes painstakingly thought through all the details of these luxurious homes. Unique features are evident throughout the homes and the overall community. You must see these homes to appreciate the details. Features like these would normally only be seen in million-dollar homes, not in homes at these price points. Come visit Tuscany Village. You will be impressed with what you see.

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